Bookmaker markets for betting on horse racing

For those who are yet to dabble in placing a bet on horse racing, there’s a lot of options for how to bet on the sport. A lot of people who’ve never bet on horse racing are likely to only recognise backing a simple bet based on a horse winning their next race meeting, but there’s far more than meets the eye, with every possible outcome covered by the country’s many bookmakers.

There aren’t as many ways to bet as you’ll see with things like football, but it’s fair to say that the UK’s bookies are determined to provide markets on anything that could occur in race meetings. Out of the primary horse racing betting markets, the main methods of placing a horse racing bet include:

Win and Place Markets

The decision to bet on horses to win or place is one of the main things you’ll need to work out before considering which horses you fancy. This is an issue because each horse tip you consider backing suits either win or each way markets. For instance, if a horse is priced at 11/10 to win and it looks capable of finishing first, you’d back it to win, but if you see a horse at 12/1 that has a solid record for placing, you’d be more likely to back it to finish on an each-way basis.


By backing on an antepost basis, you’re given the opportunity to take the price providedwhen the bookmakers first added it to their website and app. You’re able to capitalise even more if you bet with a bookmaker that offers the best odds guaranteed on UK and Irish races, but in placing your bet when the odds are first available, you’ll be able to avoid any fluctuations that occur in the days, weeks and months prior to the race getting underway.


In choosing your NAP, you’re identifying the most likely horse tip to win over every other nag in contention. Betting on horse racing is mostly based around picking single horse racing tips that are capable of winning their races, but a NAP of the Day is the ultimate version of this, where you need to specify which horse is the one you have the most faith in.

Lucky 15 Working as the most advanced bookmaker market for betting on horse racing, the Lucky 15 is a bet consisting of four horses and facilitating a total of fifteen different bets. This connects each horse together to make four singles, six doubles, four trebles and a four-fold accumulator, making it even more crucial to pick four horses that you wholeheartedly believe in. There’s more than one way to win too, as you’ll be paid out for any and all of the bets that result as winners, meaning that two winning horses would see you paid out for the two singles and one double that they were involved in.

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